Establishing a research platform

The German Sepsis Society (GSS) fosters the cooperation of hospitals, academic institutes, and research-based industry to establish a research platform that will help to

  • improve the diagnosis of sepsis and identification of patients at risk
  • advance the understanding of the pathophysiology of sepsis
  • evaluate novel therapeutic approaches of sepsis
  • improve treatment of sepsis and sepsis-related sequelae
  • investigate epidemiology and conduct health economic assessments of sepsis.

Implementation of scientific findings

The GSS supports rapid and efficient implementation of best evidence into routine clinical care and promotes clinical quality management by linking basic science and clinical care.
Scientific findings shall be translated into in rapid and efficient way into routine clinical care (or health care) and promotion of measures for clinical quality management as well as stimulate active.

Medical Education

We offer educational activities and awards for excellent research results related to the field of sepsis.

Public relations

  • Lobbying for sepsis by targeting funding agencies and health policy makers.
  • Increasing awareness of sepsis